5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Reports show that property value has experienced a 4.2% property value increase! Homeowners who benefit most from such a market increase have similarly taken advantage of several market hacks to further increase their property’s value. You too can take advantage of this by following and applying these 5 tips to increase the value of your home.

1. Redecorating

Decorating can be one of the most inexpensive yet high-return investments you can make in improving the appearance and increasing the value of your home. Redecorating can not only increase the aesthetic value of your home, but it can also increase the appearance of utilizing space. When decorating with potential buyers in mind, bright colors can be a bad idea, rather keeping the property’s paint color mutual and fresh can be a much better approach. Also, when redecorating this will also remove any damages to your house such as dents and holes in walls which can reduce the value of your home for potential buyers.


2. Upgrading Your Garden

A Garden in many cases can be the center of the home, alone it’s a desirable feature of a home to buyers, yet renovated it could become a standout feature of your home and in turn, increases the value of your property. With seemingly endless possibilities, a garden area is a perfect place to explore decorating with an open mind as well as being a perfect canvas for you to paint your perfect garden.


3. Kitchen Update

Decorating your kitchen can be great for increasing the value of our home. Whether you’re painting and decorating or laying new flooring or looking for a complete kitchen refurbishment. Decorating your kitchen can allow your own personal style & unique style to flourish. Whilst, the endless possibilities & importance of a kitchen can be a great area for improving the value of your home.


4. Splitting a House into Flats

Splitting your home into flats can be great for increasing your home’s value. Although it may seem as though it’s a rather drastic option to take, splitting a house into flats provides the opportunity to rent each individual living area creating multiple sources of income. However, there are a number of implications that must be considered before these actions are taken, most of all planning permissions. Also, if you are planning to transform a home into flats with simply maximizing profits in mind, there are also multiple tax implications which must be considered.


5. A New Bathroom

An updated bathroom can be a fantastic way to increase the value of your home. We’ve helped hundreds of customers in the past to increase the value of their home by updating their home’s bathroom area. The greatest aspect of transforming your bathroom area is that there are multiple possibilities- from tiling to painting, the options are endless. However, whatever option you do choose, the improvements will prove successful in the increasing of your home’s value.

There are lots of other ways to increase the value of your home. To learn about those contact Painters Ottawa today.