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Painting Over Dark Colors: A Homeowner’s Guide

As a homeowner, there may come a time when you want to change the color of your walls. However, if your walls are currently painted a dark color, you may be worried about how difficult it will be to cover it up with a lighter shade. You may be concerned that the dark color will […]

Three Handy Tips For Dealing With Spilled Paint

Accidents happen, and if you’re dealing with spilled paint, they can be especially tricky to clean up. But don’t worry, in this blog post we’ll give you three handy tips for dealing with spilled paint. We’ll cover the importance of acting quickly, what materials to use when cleaning, and how to prevent future paint stains […]

5 Things to Expect from a Professional Painter

If you are looking to hire a professional painter to take care of your home’s interior or exterior painting needs, there are certain things you should expect. In this blog post, we will explore the five things you should expect when hiring a professional painter. From attention to detail, use of quality materials, respect for […]

How To Paint Stained Ceiling?

A stained ceiling is a tricky situation. On one hand, it can be quite difficult to determine what color scheme will work best. You want to use shades of colors that match or go with each other, but you also do not want too many strong colors next to each other because it may make […]

Why Do Painters Wear White ?

Painters have been wearing white clothing for centuries, but why? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this tradition, from the history of white clothing in painting to its practicality of it. We’ll also discuss the aesthetics of white clothing and how it can help create a certain atmosphere in a painting.   The […]

Fail-Proof Paint Colour Ideas for Your Retail Shop

It’s no wonder that colours evoke various emotions. But, do you know the impact of colours on marketing? From influencing buying to establishing trust and creating brand awareness, colours play a significant role in buyers’ decisions. So, the colours you choose for your brand, logo, retail store, and packing can elicit different emotions and responses […]

Choosing a Paint Colour for Your Home is Easy. Here’s How

When you’re about to repaint your house, choosing the right paint colour might seem like a challenge. With so many colour choices available, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed. But finding the right paint colour doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips from the experts of exterior house painting Ottawa: What’s Your Favourite […]

Cost of Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Ottawa

Are you looking for ways to save money and improve your home decor? Painting kitchen cabinets can be a great way to update the look of your kitchen without spending too much time or money. The good news is that painting kitchen cabinets aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think. Kitchen cabinets are often […]

Cost to Paint Exterior Windows and Door Frames

How much does it cost to paint exterior windows and door frames? Painting exterior windows and door frames is something that every homeowner should consider at some point. There are several reasons why homeowners choose to paint their exteriors, such as improving curb appeal or adding value to their homes. Painting exterior surfaces aren’t cheap. […]

Cost to Paint Exterior Doors in Ottawa, ON

Painting exterior doors is a great way to improve curb appeal, add value to your home and save some cash. If you want to get the job done right, however, you’ll need to plan ahead. Here’s the average price of exterior door painting, depending on the type of paint you choose and the size of […]

How to Remove Wallpaper

There are many benefits of wallpapers. They adhere smoothly to walls, hiding imperfections, and can add warmth, depth, and style to a room. Available in a range of beautiful, eye-catching designs, unique textures, and distinctive prints, wallpapers have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the rooms in which they’re installed. Wallpapers are not designed […]

Cost of Fence and Deck Painting in Ottawa

When spring finally comes around, it’s time to think about putting that fence and deck back into good working order. But how? A deck, while a nice addition to any home, can also be expensive, thanks to the wood and other materials it uses. And, if left to the elements, a wood deck can fade […]

Cost of Siding Painting in Ottawa

Painting aluminum or vinyl siding can be a cost-effective way to make your home look new again. Home improvement is a big investment that can have a large impact on the overall appearance of your home. Most homeowners want to change their homes’ colors every few years, and painting aluminum siding can make a dramatic […]

Wallpapering Vs. Painting – Which is The Best Option?

The walls of your home can be transformed at any time with the help of paint or wallpaper. While a spacious room can instantly be changed to a cozy space with wallpaper, a dramatic room can be made soft and airy with a fresh coat of paint. But, whether choosing wallpaper or paint when it […]

Deciding to DIY or Hire Professional Painters

Decorating the interior of your home or business is an exciting venture that requires careful planning. Just as you would be decisive when choosing which furniture best suits the theme of each room, so should you take the time to consider the best way that your walls can be painted. Naturally, you want to be […]

Make Your Room Warm or Cool with the Right color

Choosing the most appealing color scheme for any room in your home is very difficult, and not just because of the near-limitless selection, you can choose from. It’s a little-known fact that the right color scheme can actually influence whether the room feels cool or warm, and figuring out which ones actually exude these temperatures […]

How to fix paint peeling off the door?

Paint peeling off door or door frames is a common problem for many homeowners. It can lead to a costly repair bill which can be easily prevented. At the end of the day, a good paint job lasts for a long period. It’s important to know if it’s a paint issue or a building issue […]

College Student Painters in Ottawa, ON – Good or Not?

When you’re not in the position to hire a professional painter, consider hiring a college student to paint your home. College students are often looking for extra income, so it’s easy to find one who is interested in painting your home for a few hours or days at a time. They are also more likely […]

Can You Paint Over Mold or Mildew?

Mold and mildew are a source of major health issues for people all over the world. You must understand that whether or not you can paint over mold or mildew depends on the type of surface the mold is on and the thickness of the mold. You’ve heard that you can and you’ve heard that […]

Cost of Interior House Painting in Ottawa

Most homeowners do not know how much it will cost before they begin painting. To get around costs, they plan on doing a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. Most DIYers report overwhelms when they realize just how much work needs to be done and how much mess they create. As soon as they make up their minds, […]

Cost of Exterior House Painting in Ottawa, ON

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Exterior in Ottawa? Due to the condition of the existing paint coating applied to the surface of the dwelling, the cost or price to paint the exterior of a house or commercial building can vary in the Ottawa area. Additionally, the following factors will affect the […]

Cost of House Painting in Ottawa

You’re ready to paint your home, but you’re not sure where to start, so what should you expect to spend? Perhaps you take the time to do a google search on what to expect and look up what painting companies are available in your area to help guide you. You scheduled free estimates with three […]


People make quick judgments as soon as they see your home. In less than a second, they get a sense of its style and mood, as well as your personality. One of the most important elements to a great first impression is how your home is painted. Picking exterior paint colors is simpler than it […]

Decks Restoration Tips

Cleaning and restoring your deck keeps it in top shape and avoids expensive repair work. In Ottawa outdoor decks are exposed to harsh weather such as heat and humidity. These elements can cause decks to many issues. Deck maintenance is much easier when it’s undertaken often and with proper care. DIY deck restoration is much […]

Choosing an Accent Wall Color

Adding an accent wall to your favorite room is a great way to give your home’s design a lift without spending too much on new décor. But before buying new paint, it’s best to understand the best accent wall colors and what walls will work best as an accent wall. Tips for Choosing the Right […]

How Our Interior Painting Services Can Help You Update Your Home

You’re happy with your home. You feel that the layout is perfect and your furniture fits each room beautifully and presents the ambiance that you desire. However, you have the feeling that there’s just something missing. It’s not an object that placed incorrectly or flooring that doesn’t match up, but you can’t put your finger […]

How to Make a Room Look Bigger Using Paint?

Space is at a premium these days. Finding ways to maximize limited storage has produced some interesting solutions. We think back to our college dormitory days, using plastic risers to create room for our belongings underneath our beds, or squeezing everything we own into our tiny urban apartments. Along with our desire to optimize storage […]

How to Match Paint Colors: Paint Pairing Guide

You can spend hours comparing paint swatches just to pick one wall color. And if you try to choose multiple colors for the same space, and you may start to wonder if you really need to paint at all. Before you start having nightmares about choosing colors, check out our paint pairing guide to help […]

Why You Should Paint Before You Move Into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming, between packing, cleaning, organizing and unloading. But personalizing your new home and updating everything to suit your unique tastes is a crucial step in transforming your house into a home. With a fresh coat of new paint, you can update and modernize your surroundings and incorporate your […]

Why Quality Paint Is Worth the Price

Is it time to enhance your space with a fresh coat of paint? If it’s been a while since you painted your home, this is the perfect way to brighten, enliven and update your rooms. Homeowners typically dive into a painting project for one of several reasons. They are building a new addition. They are […]

Wood Deck Maintenance: Simple Tips to Keep Your Wood Deck Looking New

A well-maintained wood deck can completely elevate your home’s outdoor entertainment space. But without proper care, wood decks will look drab and outdated due to sun exposure, precipitation, debris, and normal wear and tear. The good news is that you can ensure your deck looks beautiful for many years by following these simple wood deck […]


We look at the benefits of hiring office painters in Ottawa. Discover the reasons to spruce up your workspace regularly and why hiring office decorators is a top investment If you run a business that operates out of an office, you’ll be aware that keeping it in prime condition is vital for the continued success […]

When is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

You’ve decided to paint your home! Congratulations! Now for the hard part: when are you going to start your project? Painting the exterior of your home can be trickier than the interior, the main reason being that the great outdoors is unpredictable. Weather is the determining force in the world of exterior painting, and unfortunately, […]

Bathroom Painting Tips

Having your bathroom painted can be fun and make the powder room feel fresh, new and clean. But if you’re going to have your bathroom professionally painted, it’s important you do it the right way. Preparation for bathroom painting isn’t hard, and it can make a real difference. If you’re looking for some solid bathroom […]

Benefits of High Gloss Paint

Paint technology has come a long way in a short time. Many homeowners and residential painters are moving towards high gloss paints in areas where they’d never before considered using them. Now, more than ever, you can appreciate the benefits of high gloss paint in many more places than your kitchen and bath. Think of […]

What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted? Rules for Choosing Ceiling Paint Color

Is it time to paint your ceiling? Whether your ceiling paint has yellowed due to everyday wear, or you are choosing a new color to add some character, contacting a professional painting company is essential if you want to expertly revive your ceiling and enhance the look and mood of your home’s interior. But what […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Fit-Out Your Nanaimo Office

One thing employers do not appreciate is that places of work have no color, character or charm. Yes, you may sell printer paper for a living, but your office doesn’t have to look like it. We all spend vast amounts of our lives in the workplace, so why can’t our offices be warm, welcoming and […]

Should You Paint or Stain Your Deck?

A beautiful deck is a great Canadian tradition. Decks add life and personality to the exterior of your home. They can be anything from inviting, classic meeting spaces to an elegant spot to spend time alone or entertain guests. Your deck is an extension of the rest of your home — it can add curb […]

Painted Trim vs. Stained Trim: Which is Best for Your Home?

Interior wood trim is an important design detail that can be found in nearly every room of a home. While many people often overlook their wood trim and leave it as is when they move in, when painted, wood trim can significantly transform the look and feel of a house. Whether your trim is simple, […]

Office Decor Ideas for Small Budgets

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all kit out our offices as lavishly as we liked? With so many high-end office furniture stores in Ottawa, you might assume every business has a limitless fund for fitting-out and decorating their offices, but the good news is, your office decor doesn’t need to be pretentious or […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Trim Paint for Your Home

Painting your home’s interior trim or molding can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. Whether you want to change the color of your baseboards, window trim, door frames, crown molding or cabinets, professional interior painters can provide these trim painting services and more. Before you contact a professional painting company to work […]

5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Reports show that property value has experienced a 4.2% property value increase! Homeowners who benefit most from such a market increase have similarly taken advantage of several market hacks to further increase their property’s value. You too can take advantage of this by following and applying these 5 tips to increase the value of your […]

How Quality Painting Services Make a Difference in Your Home

At Painters Ottawa, we think that painting is the easiest way to make a difference in your home – especially if the painting is done by quality service. We know how much you value your home, and we do too, which is why we love sharing our painting tips with you and the rest of […]

6 Timeless Home Exterior Paint Colors That You Won’t Regret

A few months ago we published a blog about daring home paint colors, and now we think we should follow up with the flip side to that post. While daring exterior paint colors are often fun and bold, they usually only exist as trends and tend to go out of style as quickly as they […]

5 Reasons Decorating Your Offices is Great For Business

Although decorating your office may seem expensive, unnecessary and a negative business decision, decorating your office can, in fact, have positive impacts on employees as well as the overall success of your business. 1. Employee Work Output To create a work environment where employees are comfortable, able to work in attractive spaces and have great […]

4 Inviting Touches to Add to Your Home Before the Holidays

With the end of the year right around the corner, it’s time to finish any of those small painting projects you were planning on but never got around to completing! At Painters Ottawa, we think that painting is the easiest way to make a difference in your home, especially if it is done by a […]

3 Easy Ways to Tell If Your Home Needs Painting

At Painters Ottawa, we have great painters in Ottawa, and all along the surrounding areas ready to tackle your project! If you’re not sure you’re ready to get an estimate, there are some easy ways to find out if your house needs painting.   There are 3 common paint problems in homes. Simply take 5-10 […]

How to Enhance Your Reception Area?

The reception area is an oft-overlooked but important space for any business. It can say a great deal about a company’s values, how it operates as well as the types of people who work there. In addition, it sets a tone very early on and provides first impressions which can be crucial to a company’s […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen renovations are one of the most expensive items in home remodeling. Cabinetry costs more than replacing the kitchen furniture in many cases. If you can afford the expense, there are a wide variety of designs and styles available to update your cabinets. You can add extras like a kitchen island, lazy susan, or built-in appliance […]

Why Hire a Ottawa Painting Contractor in 2019

When deciding on whether or not to hire a painting contractor, there are several things to keep in mind. At the top of the list is the fact that a licensed house painting contractor has two things many homeowners do not; experience and expertise. Painting and decorating projects require specialized skills. One good reason why persons […]

Painting Tips for Your Ottawa Home

Remember, everyone starts as a beginner at house painting. Just because you have never painted a house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. The money you save by painting your Ottawa house is money you can put into other home improvements. It can also be a fun thing for the whole family to […]

How Can You Protect Your Exterior Paint This Winter?

It may not feel like it just yet, but fall is around the corner. This is really your last window of opportunity to make sure your exterior painting project is buttoned up tightly before winter (you can paint outdoors for a couple more months, but your painter’s schedule will likely fill up soon!). Fall provides […]

How Long Does Exterior Paints Last?

Here in Ottawa, there are many natural forces that challenge our homes. Hot sun, heavy humidity, soaking storms, strong winds, long winters, snow and ice… the factors are formidable! However, our exterior house paint bravely stands up against the weather that assails it, keeping our homes beautiful and protected. How long can this go on? […]

Exterior Painting and Maintenance Checklist for Your Ottawa Home

We all know that maintenance is a good thing. It’s why we go to the dentist, change our car’s oil, mow the lawn before the grass turns into a field… You get the idea. Catching problems early makes solving those problems easier! As a professional Ottawa painting contractor, we try to drive that concept home […]

How To Decorate Your Attic?

Use these tips from house painters in Ottawa to decorate your home attic. For many second story homes, having an attic space is a benefit. Converting your attic into a usable room provides a valuable living space that has tremendous potential. Your attic could be a bedroom, playroom, home office, gym, or meditation space. Whatever […]

Winter Is The Best Time for Interior Painting

We often associate painting as a task for the warm weather. If you’re doing an exterior paint job, you may want to wait for it to be a little warmer, depending on the extent of the work. However, if you’ve got an interior paint job, this winter is the perfect time to get it done! […]

How Ofter Do Your Interior Wall Need To Be Repainted?

Are your interior walls due for a repaint? The question of how regularly to paint inside and outside of a property comes up many times for homeowners. However, the answer isn’t straightforward at all. In most cases, it simply depends. As a homeowner, it’s your job to be mindful of the signs that indicate that […]

Tips To Prioritize Your Room For Painting

Your Ottawa painter can help to prioritize rooms for painting. Whether you love or hate painting your home, as a homeowner, it’s a must. Painting multiple rooms in your home can be fun and exciting, but it can also cause a few headaches. In the end, it makes your space feel more like home and […]

Isn’t It The Time To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Determine if you should replace or reface your kitchen cabinets! As you look around your kitchen, do you notice that your cabinets are starting to look worn or outdated? Age is just one of the reasons why you might consider replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. But before you rip them from their hinges, consider […]

Painting Your Home? Ask Yourself These Questions to Pick the Right Paint

Determine which paint meets your lifestyle needs with these questions. Congratulations! You’ve decided to paint your home. However, when it comes to painting your home, many decisions must be made. From choosing the right paint color to contracting the right painters, it can be difficult to make so many decisions. However, it can also be […]

Quality Painting Services Makes Big Difference in Your Home

At Painters Ottawa, we think that painting is the easiest way to make a difference in your home – especially if the painting is done by quality service. We know how much you value your home, and we do too, which is why we love sharing our painting tips with you and the rest of Ottawa […]

How Often Should I Paint My Home Exterior in Ottawa?

There is a lot of excitement in the process of exterior painting, with new colors and fresh life breathed into the outside of your home. However, no one wants to repaint their home exterior more than is necessary. So, how often do you need to paint the exterior of your house here in the Ottawa […]

Filling & Sanding Walls Ready For Painting or Wallpaper

Here we go into a little more detail on how to smooth the surface by applying filler and sanding walls to help you get that genuine pro-standard finish. The main thing that separates the average amateur DIYer from the professional decorator is the attention to detail during the essential preparation stage. When it comes to […]

Painting A Ceiling Like a Pro

Summoning up the enthusiasm to do a little home decorating is usually pretty easy, but when it comes to painting a ceiling, most people either call in a professional decorator or just completely ignore it! If this sounds familiar, don’t worry because our guide on painting a ceiling like a pro will demystify the process […]

Painting A Fresh Plaster

It’s incredibly satisfying to have a room plastered to a high standard, but it needs to be treated carefully in order to get the best finish for your paint – so this month we’re going to give you our top tips for painting fresh plaster like a pro. It would seem that painting fresh plaster […]

Choose Unique & Magnificence Colors for Your Home

When it comes to embellishing your home, nothing can make a real impression on the overall finish when compared to the colors in the rooms. Choosing the colors may vary depending on the model or ambiance of your home. But, by selecting the right color schemes, with little imagination, and hiring the best painters, you […]

Reasons To Paint The Exterior of Your Home

Well, there are many reasons to paint the exterior of your home. Your home is your largest asset so it pays to look after it. Painting the exterior of your home can increase durability, aesthetics and the value of your home. It can be one of the best value for money investments you can make […]

How Often Should You Paint?

We thought we would do some research to find out what is generally recommended before giving our opinion. The answer can vary greatly from 2 to 15 years and depends on a number of factors, as you have probably already guessed. Here, we will answer this question based on what it is you want to […]

Why A Professional Painter is Better than You?

Have you ever considered hiring a house painter? You should know how helpful a professional painting crew is. Paying someone to paint your home for you is entirely worth it. When lacking free time but desperately want to paint your home, do not hesitate in calling an expert painter who has the time, crew, and […]

Selling Your Home? – Which Color Has Biggest Impact?

Just now, the property market in Ottawa is in a great position. Means that it’s a great time to sell your house- but it also means that there’s a lot more competition than usual. There are only a certain number of buyers out there at any given moment, so you’ll want to do all you […]

Will Painting House Increase It’s Value?

Right now, we’re seeing something of a boom in the Ottawa housing market. More and more people are buying and selling homes, which is always good news for those looking to sell theirs. However, when buyers have more choice, that means they can afford to be a bit pickier- which means you need to be […]

How To Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s and were a very popular ceiling treatment in homes across America. They became popular because of their inexpensive price tag and ability hide most ceiling imperfections. Rather than applying 3 coats of mud (joint compound) and sanding to perfection, builders could apply just one coat […]

Stucco Painting Tips

Tips and Techniques for Painting a Stucco Home The main objective of every painting company is to give their customers the best painting services. Satisfied customers bring more business to painting companies. However, it is quite challenging to painting companies when it comes to painting special walls, such as those of a stucco home. This […]

10 House Exterior Painting Tips

“Can you paint the exterior of our home in the winter?” is a very common question in Canada this time of the year. The answer is “Yes”, but the following six conditions must be present as well as no precipitation in the air. Some might ask why not wait until spring or summer? We find […]

Painting Interior of a House in Winter in Ottawa

  When winter hits, it makes doing those outdoor home improvements challenging or impossible. If you want to upgrade your home’s exterior in Ottawa, the easiest and most cost-effective way is to give your home an interior paint job and winter is a great time to get this done. This can be done room-by-room, without too […]

How To Paint Exterior Fence (Best Way)?

THE BEST WAY TO PAINT AN EXTERIOR FENCE If you have a wood fence that needs a facelift, you can grab a paintbrush and spend several days on the project. Or, you can use a sprayer and finish in an afternoon. With a sprayer, you won’t have to dab into tight corners or go over […]

10 House Exterior Painting Tips

10 House Exterior Painting Tips   Some home remodeling projects are just too huge to take lightly, and house painting is one of them. So adopt a steadfast mentality, prepare your weapons, steel yourself as if going to war, and most of all, relax and have fun (just kidding). Here is how to paint your own house, […]

6 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Hire an Interior Painter

    Need to hire an interior painter in Ottawa to paint your house or property? Get tips to prep your walls, pick an interior paint color and finish, hire a pro and determine if your home has lead paint. Interior painting is one home improvement project that can quickly refresh your home’s interior for relatively […]

Know When to Prime Before You Paint

Know When to Prime Before You Paint Whether you are planning to paint an accent wall in your living room or an entire floor of your home a good deal of planning goes into making sure that your project goes smoothly.  The last thing you want is to finish painting and realize you missed a […]

Sandblasting Mistakes, Tips & DIY Guide (How to do it yourself?)

Cleaning brick stone siding with acids and other liquid cleaning agents may not be effective cleaning method as sandblasting, to use because acids may cause the building material to become soft and also its corrosive nature is dangerous. The most effective alternative would be to sandblast the brick stone siding. Sandblasting (or media blasting or […]

How To Remove Graffiti?

Graffiti is the creator vandalism and has been a national problem. There was a solution for that i.e sandblasting but it is occasionally employed, expensive and too harmful to the masonry surface. Nowadays, there is different solution for that, it is graffiti removal or anti-graffiti coating can quickly, easily, inexpensively remove any graffiti from anywhere. […]

How to Remove Graffiti From Different Surfaces?

Metal Surfaces: Try wiping graffiti with any common paint thinner (ex: mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, acetone), or try graffiti removal products such as “Goof Off.” Sometimes wiping the graffiti with light penetrating oil such as “WD-40” or “Three-in-One” will remove it. If graffiti still remains, try to remove it by rubbing with steel or bronze […]

How To Repair Plaster and Lath Cracks?

What is Plaster or Lath? Generally, in new houses, we see interior walls constructed of wooden studs to which large sheets of drywall are attached. Once nailed to the wood studs, a professional sheetrock installer will cover the seams with drywall tape, then a coat of plaster. Its a soft mixture of sand and cement […]

How We Do Roof Painting And Waterproofing? (Our Process)

Do you know roof of the house is very helpful, your house and even yourself? Imagine how your house looks without good roofing or uncolored roofs and compare to the house of your neighbors. That’s why your roof needs to be painted. Roof Painting improves the visual appearance of your house or building. In some […]

How Often Should Your Home Be Pressure Washed?

Because it’s constantly exposed to weather and the elements, the exterior of any home can very quickly become dirty and unattractive. Your home’s exterior has to deal with sun, rain, wind, and hail constantly, and over time, that can take a major toll on its appearance. Your home’s exterior elements can easily be stained with […]

How to Paint a Room

How to Paint a Room   Learn how to paint a wall, trim and ceilings with Painters Ottawa today.  We also have tips on planning for a paint project, tips on paint prep, buying paint, using paint tools and cleaning up afterward. We’ll share techniques for cutting in, using a roller and painting trim. The […]

How to Easily Remove Wallpaper?

How to Easily Remove Wallpaper?   As exciting as it is to get new wallpaper installed in your house, replacing it can be quite frustrating. Trying to peel it off without leaving the gunky backing on your walls is a feat no less difficult than buying the exact amount of paint for your home painting project. […]

Should I Hire a Professional to Paint My Ottawa House?

It’s a frequently asked question. Painting a room, not to mention an entire house, takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. If you are debating between a DIY project and hiring a professional, consider first the value of your own time. Professional house painters in Ottawa will get the project done is much less time and […]

DIY vs. Pro Painting

We all want to save a little money—and sometimes you can! But other times you may be trying to save at your own expense. So when it comes to painting your home, how do you know whether or not you should do it yourself or hire professional painters? At Painters Ottawa, we want you to […]

3 Ways to Properly Store Paint

Let’s be real: buying the exact amount of paint for a project is a nearly impossible task. In fact, millions of gallons of paint go to waste every year because people buy too much and don’t correctly store it. In the end, failing to secure your leftover paint will lose you loads of money and […]

10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Professional Painting Company

1. How long have you been up and running? It is important to select a reputable company who has been in business for at least 5 years. The more years they have been serving customers, the better. You can also ask how many years of experience each painter has in the industry.   2. Do […]