Cost of House Painting in Ottawa

You’re ready to paint your home, but you’re not sure where to start, so what should you expect to spend? Perhaps you take the time to do a google search on what to expect and look up what painting companies are available in your area to help guide you. You scheduled free estimates with three or more companies based on their reviews but also hoped not to be duped. Your mind is suddenly flooded with so much information that you have no idea what to do. Are you wondering what the average cost of painting a house exterior is?

To simplify the process a little for our customers, we’ve decided to cover some of the basics about home painting that every homeowner should know, starting with the most important: PRICE.


Average Cost to Paint a House Exterior

The average cost to paint a house exterior of most homes in the Ottawa area will average between $3000 and $10000.

To get a basic understanding of what your home will cost, you should consider 3 main factors:


How big your house is.

The easiest part is determining the size. This is where you begin. What is the size of your home? No idea? The easiest way to find out is to do a Google search of your address.

Small homes ranging between 1000 and 2000 square feet are typically going to have a starting price anywhere between $1500 and $3000 depending on its size. They are usually single-story homes without walkout basements.

The cost of midsize homes generally ranges from $3500 to $7500. They range from 1500-2500 square feet. Typically, these are ranch-style double-story homes.

Large homes sized 2500-3500 square feet start from $4000 to $10000.


What the condition of your house is.

Your home’s condition will depend on how old and well-cared for it is. The condition indicates that additional labor and material ($$$) are needed to complete the project at industry standards.


Good Condition

A home that has been taken care of has been painted an average of once every ten years, with the proper prep work being performed each time. These homes usually have little to no wood repairs or replacements needed. It is common to see fading on one or two sides. There may be a few seams or nail heads that need caulking, and there may be some peeling paint in small areas. A house in good condition may see a price jump up to $200 if any wood replacements are needed.


Fair Condition

Homes that are in fair condition may have a more extensive amount of prep time to make sure the house is ready to paint. Typically, these houses haven’t seen a good paint job in 12-18 years, or they are on at least a 3rd paint cycle. A house in fair condition may have an extensive amount of nail heads exposed. Some will be pushing out and some will be sinking in. You will see deterioration in several areas of trim, and siding. Much of the caulk from the last paint job has shriveled up in the seams between siding and trim. Houses in fair condition may see a price jump anywhere up to $1500 (possibly more) depending on the extent of work needed. It’s important to understand how often you should paint a house exterior so that it doesn’t cost you more when you decide to have it painted.


Poor Condition

Houses beyond the descriptions above are usually dealing with more than just issues that meet the eye. They may have lead paint or other more extensive repairs beyond the scope of your typical painting contractor’s realm of capabilities. These issues may be structural rot, or whole sides needing replacement. It may be worth it at this point financially, to look into having other trades work on the home in preparation for the painters.


The complexity of the architecture/job.

The complexity of Architecture/job: This deals with the complications that slow painters down. Any type of challenge beyond the typical scope of a standard suburban home can incur anywhere from $500 to $2,000 in price jumps on average. Below are just a few examples of what could make your project more complex.

The higher the walls, the longer the painting takes. Pricing may change based on scaffolding or extra tall ladders needed. Even if you have only a two-story home with brick on the first level, the higher elevations result in a slower process with the painters having to paint on ladders the entire time. It may cost less, but not a significant amount.

The substrate with which the house was built can affect pricing. Houses with batten and board, cedar tongue and groove, or an elaborate amount of trim require far more time and material for prep and painting. Expect about $400-$800 more if you want the prep work to be done correctly for your home. Stucco or stained homes require an entirely different method of prep and entirely different paint materials. We will cover those in another article later on.

A mixture of previously painted surfaces, combined with never before been painted surfaces or previously stained surfaces on a single house can cause additional labor and material to add up.

Even the foliage can be a huge hurdle for painters, especially if it has embedded into old paint, or if the painters have to take time to tie back all the branches.

Wood windows are more complex because a painter must be careful and detailed to not ruin the glass panes and to ensure that the functionality of the windows is not affected.

Many of our customers are aware of the conditions and technical difficulties that their homes present to painters. The best thing you can do is take a walk around your home and pay attention to the signs of deterioration. Work through these 4 factors on your own first, and you should have a good idea of what to expect when you are collecting bids for the cost to paint your house exterior.


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