Cost of Siding Painting in Ottawa

Painting aluminum or vinyl siding can be a cost-effective way to make your home look new again. Home improvement is a big investment that can have a large impact on the overall appearance of your home. Most homeowners want to change their homes’ colors every few years, and painting aluminum siding can make a dramatic improvement in their homes’ curb appeal.

It is possible for aluminum siding to be damaged over time due to weather conditions or accidents. It is possible to paint aluminum siding to protect it from fading and chipping away. The cost of painting aluminum siding per square foot and how much homeowners spend to paint siding are two things you need to consider when painting aluminum siding.


Siding Painting Cost in Ottawa

Painting aluminum and vinyl sidings cost about $4.50 per square foot for labor and materials. The total cost of painting aluminum, and vinyl sidings is approximately $1,800 to $5,000. Repair, preparation, materials, paints, and labor all are included in this cost. Sometimes, you might have to spend more on asbestos treatment which is an extra cost for sure.

Cost of Paint

Some painters use latex paints for vinyl paints while others use water-based paints for natural wood sidings. All of these paints are different. Water-based paints cost $25, oil-based paints cost $32 and latex paints cost $30. You can spend between $200 and $400 on paints, including all materials. It’s possible to cover up to 300 square feet with a gallon of paint.

Cost of Labor

About 70% of the total cost of painting interior or exterior is labor cost. However, all the costs are included in the per square foot rate. But some charge $100 to $350 per hour. You can expect to pay $500 to $100 for labor.


Factors that affect the cost of painting Siding include:

The size of the house – the larger the house, the more expensive it will be to paint.

The type of siding – if it is aluminum, vinyl, metal, or wood, will affect the price.

The location of the house – the closer the house is to a road or other structure, the more likely it will be that it will require painting.

The condition of the siding – if the siding is worn, chipped, or peeling, the cost will increase.

The quality of the paint – the higher the quality of the paint, the higher the cost.

The time of year – if the siding is painted during the winter, the cost will increase.

If you are looking to update the look of your home with new siding, you may be wondering what the best option is.




How long does it take to paint siding? 

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day to paint siding. It depends on the size and complexity of the job., the type of paint, and the weather.


How often should I paint siding? 

Normally, 10 years but painting every 5 to 7 years will keep your sidings in tip-top condition.


Should I replace or paint the siding?

It depends. If the siding is in good condition and has no major defects, you may be able to save money by painting it instead of replacing it. Painting sidings costs 50% less than replacing. If the siding is in poor condition or has major defects, you will likely need to replace it.


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